We offer our jewellers

fair wages,
health insurance,
paid holiday and overtime,
and any other benefit we can get
our hands on.

Because they are artists—they use techniques that are passed down from
generation to generation—and they deserve to have a voice and be
treated fairly in the workplace. By doing this we can empower
the next generation to preserve this craftmanship

Bottomline, we believe in rights for everyone.

We think creating beatiful and high quality fine jewelry isn't
enough. We also do everything in our power to work with recycled,
sustainable and low-impact materials. All so that we can
reduce our environmental footprint and show mother earth
how much we really love her.

Our jewelry is made with re-
cycled sterling

Our line is finished with 22k
gold Vermeil, which is 2.5
microns gold coating

Our rich mix selection of
natural precious and
semi-precious stones to ac-
cesorised each charm

Gold for good.

One jewelry for a book.
That means you are investing
in a child's future

In Indonesia there is a lackof libraries, bookstores, role
models who promote fun reading and limited access to story
books notably in isolated areas.

Because we believe books can inspire, enrich and improve a child's life.